Overview of industries

WOLFF & MÜLLER Baustoffe GmbH is a leading silica sand supplier with a focus on performance materials that are essential to modern living. Our state-of-the-art offerings are used in a variety of industries and applications.

Using a range of high grade silica sand, we produce a wide variety of products that are sold to the manufacturing, water treatment, construction and foundry industries. Our sand is regularly used in the manufacturing of paint and mortar, for various industrial applications such as track, foundry or recreational sands (artificial turf, riding ground, sport fields, golf courses and beach volleyball arenas) and for much more.

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Foundry industry

Our silica sand is used both as a moulding material and in foundries for aluminium, iron and steel. The requirements for quality and precision of foundry products have risen sharply in recent decades.

The most important feature for foundry sand is the high SiO2 content, between 94 and> 99%. Our silica sand reaches values of > 99%.
The advantages of our silica sand are its high purity and high sintering temperature of 1600 Celsius, which means it is resistant to high temperatures. Another plus of our products is the low clay and sludge content, which is achieved by washing the sand multiple times and its high degree of dryness. To create the valuable dried, graded material required by many specialist industries, the sand is washed and dried, then graded to precise specifications. Our products can be supplied on costumer's demands and to specific requirements.

Possible areas of application:

Our foundry sand is ideal for all clay-bonded, cement-bonded, water-glass bonded and resin-bonded (hot or cold box) hardening processes to produce casting cores for:

  • Artificial cast iron founding
  • Aluminium casting
  • Cast steel
  • Gray cast iron
  • Ductile cast iron


  • Automotive industry 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Installation of renewable energy systems (wind turbines)
  • Ship and aircraft building
  • Railway

Building chemistry

Silica sand is incorporated in almost all products in construction chemistry, mostly as fine aggregate or filler.

Possible areas of application:
  • Polymer concrete
  • Floor coatings
  • Screed and mortar products
  • Dry building materials
  • Fillers
  • Adhesives
  • Paints and lacquers
  • Silicone


Water treatment / -filtration

Silica sand is used as filter media for drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. Our filter sand and gravel are characterized by their very high quartz content. Due to multiple washings they are free of impurities, especially organic substances. They are also free of heavy metals, sulphur and chlorides so that an optimal filter effect can be obtained.
Our filter sand is also recommended for the production of drinking water because it is able to remove colloidal particles from the water.
Our products fulfill the requirements of the latest standards, DIN EN 12904 treatment of drinking water, DIN EN 15798 swimming and bathing pool water treatment and DIN 4924 filter sand and gravel for well construction.

Possible areas of application:
  • Filtration / water filter / processing pool water / drinking water and industrial water / clearing of waste water
  • Well construction
  • Drilling holes
  • Groundwater lowering
  • Spring captures

Building industry and -materials

The edge-rounded shape of our silica sand and the smooth grain surfaces are greatly appreciated in the construction industry. Through these properties and the continuous particle size distribution of the sand, a high degree of compaction can be achieved for fillings and backfillings.

Possible areas of application:
  • Road construction
  • Pipeline and civil engineering
  • Aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Winter grit

Transport / track sand

The free-flowing nature of the silica sand makes it ideal for use as a traction agent. For the transport industry we offer track sand with a grain structure according to BN 918 224 of Deutsche Bahn AG. That means the grain form is edge-rounded and the material is dry with a residual moisture content of <0.1%. We have special matched grading curves. Our silica sand has a high quartz content and is free of loam and clay.

Possible areas of application:
  • Track sand (national rail networks, tram, metro)

Sport / recreation / leisure

Our silica sand is used for equestrian facilities, for the backfilling of artificial turf and as children's play sand.

Children come into contact with silica sand very early. They like to explore all design possibilities of this raw material. Play sand (according to DIN EN 1177) and fall-protection sand / gravel are reviewed according to DIN EN 1177 and DIN EN 1176.

Artificial lawn is gaining in importance within the sports field construction area. Today's synthetic turf surfaces guarantee a high level of playing comfort and are profitable. For filling we offer a high-quality sand according to DIN 18035-7 spec.

The fine grain of our silica sand provides best tread comfort for horses and is ideal for the construction of treading layers of horse riding tracks and paddocks.

Many sports, such as beach volleyball and soccer, are unthinkable without sand.

Possible areas of application:
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Artificial lawn
  • Synthetic sports pitches and tennis courts
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Beach volleyball and soccer courts
  • Golf courses