Environment / sustainability

Without silica sand, sand and gravel and other minerals, our lives would be different. Each one of us consumes 12 tons of industrial minerals per year, for example for the house, car or computer. Many industries cannot manufacture their products without our raw materials.
Since the extraction of mineral resources is an encroachment on nature, it is our responsibility to be aware that natural resources are finite and to use our resources responsibly.

All deposits used by us are exclusively mined by operational plans that are approved or authorized by the competent authorities. In advance of the mining activities, these plans are coordinated with municipalities and other public interest parties.

Our goal is to keep interference with nature as minimal as possible. Toward that end, we begin planning during the exploitation of deposits for the redevelopment and reutilization of surfaces. Following the extraction of raw materials, we strive to return the surfaces to the public with higher ecological values.

For years WOLFF & MÜLLER GmbH has been active in the association of the Rhineland-Palatinate Nature and, in 2004, received the Environment Award of the district federation of Palatinate (Pfalz).

State-of-the-art technology

Through the use of an advanced processing technology, the company saves money and protects the environment due to a lower energy consumption.

To maintain this standard, the processing technology needs to be adjusted at intervals to the latest technological standards and investments made in new innovative technologies. For example, we have significantly reduced the quantity of water used in the processing of silica sand through the use of an ultra-modern water treatment plant in Quedlinburg.

This means that not only is resource water better utilized but also that energy is saved. The so-called wash water circulates in a circuit operation. This ensures that only the amount of water that stays at the treated silica sand (max. 5%) should be supplied to the treatment process again.

In 2014 all measures were taken to certify Wolff & Müller GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS).